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Large Format Scanners

Convert Physical Files to Digital Images with a Wide Format Scanner

Many companies are looking to digitize old, large technical documents and drawings. This includes everything from CAD files, to maps, to aerial photos. By scanning these large document archives, companies eliminate bulky cabinets of flat files and instead use the space for more productive tasks. 

Although scanning can be outsourced to an outside agency, there certainly is a value to investing in a large document scanner to keep in house. After the initial job is complete, the machine remains a lasting resource to keep scanning documents, so the office continues to work efficiently. 

Today's large format scanning machines are designed to meet the needs of technical experts, graphical professionals, archivists and repro departments. They offer the functionality and scanning speeds required by these professionals. 

Whether you intend to scan maps, drawings, posters, newspapers or fine art, a wide scanner captures the details that you need. Scanners not only save you valuable floor space, but give you a more organized way to categorize and recall important files.

Contex large format scanner

  • Engineering and technical drawings
  • Construction plans
  • Old blueprints
  • Detailed Maps
  • Architectural Renderings
  • Satellite Images
  • Full-color graphics
  • Photography and fine art
  • Document delicate and fragile documents
  • Capture quality scans faster than ever with the touch of button
  • Digitize files in resolutions of 200 dpi, 300 dip, 800 dpi, and more. 
  • Common widths: 24" scanner, 36" scanner, 44" scanner, 60" scanner

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