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Oce 8 mil Instant Dry Luster Photo Paper - ID8L

Oce 8 mil Instant Dry Luster Photo Paper - ID8L


  • $114.48

Packaged as a 1 roll carton 2" core

Great looking prints time after time

High quality OEM paper

Shipped fast and accurately

An 8.5 mil (210 gsm) luster photo paper. Oce Instant Dry ID8L is a premium resin-coated photo-base meeting the demands for high quality photorealistic reproduction.

The ultra-white base with microporous coating means your prints will be instantly dry and water resistant; while the thinner base allows you to save money and still provide photographic output.

Universal compatibility is optimized for today's wide gamut inkjet printers and photo printers.

Oce Instant Dry ID8L optimizes natural skin tones and more neutral Lab values.

  • Caliper: 8.5 mil
  • Basis Weight: 210 gsm
  • Gloss Level: (60°) 15%
  • Opacity: 97%
  • Color: L96, a = 2.00, b = -8.25
  • Whiteness: 120 CIE * Target Values FEATURES
  • True Surface photographic look
  • Instant Dry
  • Photorealistic image quality
  • Universal Compatibility
  • High Ink Load limit
  • Outstanding black and white quality
  • Photo paper type

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8 mil Luster Photo - ID8L

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